The North Koreans have created a lethal super virus… Terrorists have hijacked a Russian nuclear submarine… Together, they are planning an attack that could have deadly consequences… Using their spy networks in Seoul and Moscow, British Intelligence establish that the North Koreans are manufacturing a lethal super virus. They also learn of a planned attack on a major western city, to be carried out by terrorists using a hijacked Russian nuclear submarine. Are these two strands of intelligence linked? MI6 send a small team of specialists into North Korea with orders to verify if a virus does exist. Led by Frank Ryder, an ex-SAS operative, who is accompanied by Dr. Grace Seymour, an army virologist, the team search the remote central highlands to find the manufacturing facility. Meanwhile, the British Navy’s ‘state-of-the-art’ nuclear submarine, HMS Ambush, is ordered to find and destroy the hijacked Russian submarine. The crew must endure weeks of cat-and-mouse searching, but will they succeed in finding the rogue submarine before a missile and its deadly warhead are unleashed towards an unsuspecting city? Paths of Courage brings together the unusual combination of a British clandestine military operation into North Korea and associated submarine warfare. Reflecting today’s modern world, it is a brutally realistic, gripping read for anyone interested in espionage, particularly those with a penchant for the ‘man against all odds’ scenario.

Path of Courage


In Run With The Brave, we join MI6 operative Frank Ryder as he assists a team of American Special Forces tasked with disabling two major dams in northern Iran. Their spy networks in Tehran have been compromised, the operation brought to a halt, and British Intelligence have been called in to help in the form of Ryder and British spy networks operating in the Iranian capital.

In a separate operation unknown to both the Americans and the British, Israeli intelligence have sent their own Special Forces into the same remote region of the Zagros Mountains. They have been given orders to seek out and destroy a potential Iranian secret missile base that is likely to threaten the State.

Both teams are captured by the Iranians before they reach their targets, but they manage to escape, together with a group of Iranian insurgents. Despite the desperate circumstances they find themselves in, Ryder, the Americans and the insurgents agree to accompany the Israelis in their search for the missile base.

Met with a series of hazardous escapades, hardship and privations in their search through the rugged Zagros range, pursued by the enemy, will they find a secret base? Will they be able to destroy the base if found despite an unexpected and shocking revelation which seriously threatens the whole operation. Will they be too late to save the State of Israel from a nuclear holocaust?

Run With The Brave is the thrilling sequel to Paths of Courage and will appeal to fans of the first book in the ‘Frank Ryder’ series. Mike Woodhams breaks out of the confines of a city setting and moves into a more hostile environment in this brutal, objective and realistic story that will be enjoyed by espionage, mystery and crime readers.

Path of Courage

Al-Qaeda purchase a ready-made nuclear suitcase bomb from the Russians and plan to annihilate a major western city. MI6 suspect London may be the target and Frank Ryder is sent to track down and kill the terrorist’s chief bomb maker and destroy the nuclear device.

Under the guise of an al-Qaeda operative he infiltrates a London cell after a crash course in compact nuclear technology in the hope it will lead to the bomber. His knowledge is required to verify that the purchase is genuine and the terrorists summon Ryder to the Hindu Kush. The bait has been taken.

Transported by road over three continents, Ryder arrives at the terrorist camp in the remote mountains of northwest Pakistan. He confirms the purchase is genuine and is ordered to arm the weapon using his thumbprint. The bomb can only be diffused the same way. The package is consigned to the target. Can Ryder stop it from arriving at its destination and dispatch the man he was sent to kill?

Kept captive, Ryder escapes. Hotly pursued through the rugged mountain terrain, he is caught and tortured but saved from death by a US sniper team. With only days to go before detonation, will Ryder prevent the nuclear holocaust? Desperate times call for desperate actions as he races to beat the clock. Will he be too late?

Quantum of Fear

‘Encounter’ follows the journey of MI6’s Frank Ryder as he heads a special-forces team on their mission to uncover the secrets enveloping a bizarre Russian archipelago. A strange signal is received by the international military listening stations in the Arctic.

The British Prime Minister’s son, a celebrity naturalist, and two camera crew vanish while filming a nature documentary in a remote location in the Barents Sea. Although unable to fully decipher the signal, British, American, and Russian code-breakers were able to establish the possible coordinates for the emission location. The signal was sent from the archipelago of Novaya Zemlya in the Barents Sea.

Fueled by bewilderment and curiosity, the British intelligence covertly sends a small team comprised of British operatives and Norwegian and American Special Forces to the Russian archipelago’s north island of Severny.

Heading the team of elite operatives, Frank Ryder navigates the wilderness towards an uncharted land. After a prolonged journey, Frank and the team discovers a secret Russian base that resembles America’s Area 51 where they find the missing men, evidence of extraterrestrial existence, and a Russian weapon that threatens to overthrow the balance of power in the world.

Equipped with evidence of the activities in the area, Frank struggles to leave the base alive. What follows is a string of events filled with danger, betrayal, and countless close encounters with death.

Will the team come out of the archipelago alive? Can they save the abducted British Prime Minister’s son? Can they run ahead of the enemy and keep them from gaining power over the world?

Encounter is the fourth book in the Frank Ryder series.



When a spate of savage murders shrouds London’s Hampstead Heath in mystery, the clues point towards a perpetrator beyond the realm of human.

The inexplicable DNA discovered at the crime scenes defies the boundaries of modern science, thrusting PAUL TRIGER, leader of the Ministry of Defence’s enigmatic Section ‘S’, into a labyrinth of intrigue.

Tasked with this daunting investigation, Triger, along with the formidable forces of MI5 and MI6, delves deep into a conspiracy that snakes through the very heart of Britain’s political and societal fabric, threatening to unravel the British way of life. As they navigate the shadowy corridors of power, a pressing question emerges: Who is orchestrating this sinister plot, and from whence do they hail? What is the end game of their insidious agenda?

The Investigation propels Triger and his astute assistant, Sara Ambrose, through the streets of London, to the clandestine laboratories of PORTON DOWN and on through the sprawling expanse of the southern counties, until, ultimately into the cold embrace of the WELSH MOUNTAINS’ desolate winter.

Within the secluded vastness of the SNOWDONIA RANGE lies the secret so profound, it has the power to shift the very paradigm of existence. As Triger and Ambrose edge closer to the truth, they find themselves ensnared in a deadly game of cat and mouse.