When a spate of savage murders shrouds London’s Hampstead Heath in mystery, the clues point towards a perpetrator beyond the realm of human.

The inexplicable DNA discovered at the crime scenes defies the boundaries of modern science, thrusting PAUL TRIGER, leader of the Ministry of Defence’s enigmatic Section ‘S’, into a labyrinth of intrigue.

Tasked with this daunting investigation, Triger, along with the formidable forces of MI5 and MI6, delves deep into a conspiracy that snakes through the very heart of Britain’s political and societal fabric, threatening to unravel the British way of life. As they navigate the shadowy corridors of power, a pressing question emerges:
Who is orchestrating this sinister plot, and from whence do they hail? What is the end game of their insidious agenda?

The Investigation propels Triger and his astute assistant, Sara Ambrose, through the streets of London, to the clandestine laboratories of PORTON DOWN and on through the sprawling expanse of the southern counties, until, ultimately into the cold embrace of the WELSH MOUNTAINS’ desolate winter.

Within the secluded vastness of the SNOWDONIA RANGE lies the secret so profound, it has the power to shift the very paradigm of existence. As Triger and Ambrose edge closer to the truth, they find themselves ensnared in a deadly game of cat and mouse.



Here Be Evil by Michael Woodhams is a gripping blend of crime thriller and speculative fiction that plunges readers into a world of mystery, intrigue, and, otherwordly danger. Set against the backdrop of London’s iconic landmarks and the rugged landscape of Wales, the novel follows protagonist Paul Trigger, head of the Ministry of Defence’s Section ‘S’, as he investigates a series of brutal murders with DNS evidence suggesting a perpetrator beyond the human world. Read more




I was hooked from the cover and really glad I got to read this, it had everything that I was looking for from this type of book. It had the scifi element that I was looking for and enjoyed the characters and how they worked in this story. Michael Woodhams has a great writing style and thought the overall feel worked with the genre. I look forward to read more from Michael Woodhams.





Here Be Evil by Michael Woodhams is a pulse pounding, edge of your seat, book that makes the reader think about the possibility of the fact there could be life somewhere else besides here on Earth. And if there is life on other planets/in other Universes, is that life friendly or hostile? And without an intergalactic war, how would we know? Mr. Woodhams brings all these questions up and more, and and you feel as if you’re a part of the characters lives as they try to figure out the answers to all the questions they are desperately trying to solve in the limited time they have.