Paul Triger and Frank Ryder are two characters with different focuses in their investigations. While Triger delves into the abnormal,  Ryder hunts down despots. The only common ground: both have a Special Forces background. I decided, rightly or wrongly, to use my formal name: Michael John Woodhams(M J Woodhams) instead of Mike Woodhams as for my previous books to separate the Frank Ryder series and hopefully the start of a new Paul Triger series.

When writing  ‘Encounter’ I felt it might be a good idea to pursue the science fiction genre, but keep it on a contemporary theme. I wanted to explore the prospect of an invasion by aliens on the level of current day politics and the shadowy world of espionage. Humankind is moving slowly towards becoming an interstellar species  currently exploring space with robotic machines and soon to have bases on the moon and Mars from which to blast further out into deep space to reach for the stars. Perhaps we are not alone. Thousands, if not millions, of exoplanets are out there capable of supporting life as we know it. Who is to say that others, far more advanced than ourselves, have not already come to Earth.